Okay, this makes me mad.

Quarter of Americans Convinced Sun Revolves Around Earth, Survey Finds

This year marks 45 years since we put a human on the Moon, and 54 years since the first human orbited the Earth. How is this possible? In all my years of teaching, I have NEVER met a kid who thought the Sun went around the Earth, not one. Frankly, I doubt I’ve met many adults who thought that either (and like most folks, I’ve met some really dumb people). Anyone who doesn’t understand how the Earth orbits probably can’t blame it on our educational system. Certainly not in a state like Ohio where it has been taught since long before I was born. This is ignorance by choice.

The original press release is here…

Survey: Americans struggle with science; respect scientists

Space News


Stephen Hawking says black holes don’t exist

Well, sort of, he says we got a few things wrong.

Mysterious rock found by Mars rover: ‘We were absolutely startled’

Hmmmm, jelly donuts on Mars, sign me up to go. Speaking of Mars, how did the rover that was to last only three months just keep going?

Why This Mars Rover Has Lasted 3,560 Days Longer Than Expected

Water Found on Dwarf Planet Ceres, May Erupt from Ice Volcanoes

Water, water everywhere. Or so it seems.

Astronomical Events of 2014

First, Space.com’s picks for the top 11 skywatching events of the upcoming year…

11 Must-See Skywatching Events in 2014

Second, universe Today’s exhaustive month-by-month guide to upcoming astronomical events…

101 Astronomical Events for 2014

Finally, a cool image to get you thinking from Phil Platt. What would a lunar eclipse look like from the moon?

What does a lunar eclipse look like from the Moon?

Thanks to Kai for the last one.

Winter in Antarctica

Well it looks like we’ll be seeing some truly cold weather as school starts back up. It’s summer in Antarctica right now, but it’s a good time to reflect on how cold it can get on our planet (remember, being in the Southern Hemisphere, their winter is during our summer). Few scientists can take wintering on the Antarctic continent. The population of the whole continent drops to only a few hundred over the winter and they must pass a rigorous screening process before they are allowed to do so. The video below shows what “Condition 1” weather is like. No travel outside quarters is permitted during these conditions.

Makes you feel warmer already, doesn’t it?