Dynamic Earth Web Assignment




First let’s visit the National Caves Association at:    http://www.cavern.com


  1. What does this organization do?





  1. How many caves from Ohio are members?


Now let’s visit a member cave’s website. Go to:   http://www.ohiocaverns.com


  1. Look through the online photos, which is your favorite and why?





  1. On the “school projects” page read the section and find out their explanation for the caves formation. Summarize it here:







Now let’s look at the biggest cave system in the world, Mammoth cave at:   http://www.nps.gov/maca/


  1. Go to the “Nature and Science” section and find out what speleothems are and what types you will find in Mammoth Cave. List them here:





  1. What fossils are found there?



  1. How long is the cave system? How long could it eventually be discovered to be?



  1. What sorts of animals are found in the cave?



  1. In what state is Mammoth Cave?




  1. Image search “caves” in Google Image or another image search engine. Describe, in detail, your favorite image. Please give the url. of the image along with your description.  (you can print out a small version of the image and paste it here with the description for extra points.)


















Use a search engine to answer these questions…


  1. What is the hobby of exploring caves called?


  1. Where are caves found in the U.S.?


  1. What types of caves are there?




Go to: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0505/feature4/index.html

  1.  What is the deepest known cave? Where is it? How deep is it? When was it explored?








  1. Go to the interactive cave map section and describe you favorite picture.