Dynamic Earth

    2015-2016 - Syllabus

North Royalton High School - Mr. Boch’s Classes


Course Description

Greetings, and welcome to Dynamic Earth. This class reviews many important sciences that study our planet. We look at the Earth as a series of interconnected systems. We will cover Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology and Astronomy as well as some Ecology. We’ll talk a bit about some of the stresses upon our planet and some of the changes it is going through. We’ll also do some real activities and you will pick up some handy skills. By the end of this course you will be able to navigate with a map and compass; identify common rocks and minerals; explain how landforms develop; understand how weather is predicted and more.

Because that’s a lot to learn, you’re going to need to be organized. You will be expected to take reading notes and class notes and you must bring your class notebook every day!


Materials for Course

For this class you will be expected to have a

-          three-ring binder (or three flat notebooks with pockets and three-hole clasps),

-          a pencil (every day!),

-          a ruler (with metric and SAE),

-          and some colored pencils. I’ll tell you when you need those.

-          an Internet connection will be very helpful for the class as well, many assignments are web-based

Assignments are more easily done on a computer rather than a phone. If this is a problem, please see me so that if you have an Internet assignment I can give you time to do it in study hall or at the library.


Class Rules

I won’t bore you by telling you to respect others, know when your assignments are due and so on. You know this stuff by now (or should), so here are my little bug-a-boos. - Assignments should be done only in pencil or blue or black ink.

-          I accept late work as follows: 1-3 days late, –50%; 4+ days late, you keep it, no credit!

-          Please, no name-calling in my class, even silly stuff.

-          Textbooks MUST be covered by FRIDAY!

-          I reserve the right to limit or eliminate hall passes. Don’t ask too often, or be gone too long and it shouldn’t be an issue.

-          Late to class: students will be allowed to be up to two minutes after the bell twice per semester. That’s it, after that you will receive a detention for every late.

-          Please do not touch the fans in the classroom, temperatures in the room can exceed 95° in August, I know that’s hot, but we have the fans positioned to help everyone.

- Cell phonesIf I see them, or hear them, I take them. You get them back at the end of the day with a detention. Second offense and you see your unit principal for a Wednesday School.


Parents, please do not call or text your child during school hours. In the event of any emergency please call the NRHS office at 440-582-7801. Cell phones are a major disruption; please do not call or text your children during school hours.


Grading – NOTE: I will have more to say about grading during class.

Grades will be based on…

-          Weekly quizzes (STUDY FOR THEM)

-          Quarter Projects

-          Homework (including reading notes)

-          Projects, and Labs

-          I will post grades on ProgressBook. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING YOUR GRADE ONLINE!!!!!

Stay Informed at :   mrboch.com            By the way…   Welcome Back!