Dynamic Earth

Web Assignment

Geology of Mars


Web address:††††† http://www.lukew.com/marsgeo/


Answer questions below in complete sentences. On the back of this paper (or a separate piece of notebook paper) write a general review of the website with you opinion of it. Be as complete as possible.


  1. What forms Aeolian landscape features?








  1. What formed the great Valles Marineris canyon?








  1. How large does a crater have to be to show ring-peaks at the center and multi-ring structures?





  1. How big is Olympus Mons? What is at its peak? What is unusual about itís base?









  1. Please give your thoughts about this website. Please use specific examples like the websiteís color scheme and layout, or the level of itís writing. What was your favorite part of the website? From where is the information on the website obtained?