Dynamic Earth

Web Assignment #3



We are entering the study of Minerals. First, we need to understand what the term means. Go to Wikipedia read the definition of mineral and in the space below tell me in your own words “What is a mineral?”







2. In the same article how many possible three-dimensional crystal lattice arrangements are there and what are they called?



3. Now head over to www.minerals.net and browse through the listings of minerals. Go to “Minerals A_Z” and then to “Alphabetical Order” Look through the listings and find a mineral that interests you. (Some of the have rather [ahem] interesting names for instance) It could also be something you recognize or perhaps a gemstone you like. In any case, Find the mineral you like. What is the name?



4. Are there pictures of it? If so, which one is your favorite?





5. Now go to Google (or another search engine like http://www.bing.com/ ) and search for an image of your mineral. Give me the url (web address) of the one you like best, describe it and tell me why you like it.




6. Now head over to http://mineral.galleries.com read through the front page and click on the “physical characteristics” link. Find four physical properties or other important properties and characteristics that look interesting. List them with a brief explanation of what they are.















7. Okay, now lets go over to our friends at the USGS at http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals click on the link for “Mineral Commodity Profiles”. What price does Germanium go for these days?




8. Go back to the main page and click on Statistics and Information by: “State”. Go to Ohio. Now go to the 2005 Minerals Yearbook (note: this is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format). What non fuel minerals does Ohio produce?




9. Now for some scandal! There is a very big problem that came to light a few years ago in a division of the Federal Government. The Minerals Management Service (MMS) is the branch of the government that collects fees and taxes on mineral and oil production in the United States.  MMS had some employees who were in some hot water. What did they do?









10. Look up the word Geode and then do an image search. Give the definition and tell me the url and description of your favorite picture.