Dynamic Earth




The object of the assignment is to create a poster illustrating something geological. The poster must be at least 11” x 17” and no more than 2’ x 3’. The poster must include both illustration(s) and information. The illustration(s) must be (at least) partially original. This means I’m not looking for downloaded pictures printed and pasted. It can be a mixture of these as well as original artwork but not just printed stuff. The same is true with printed information, some of it should have been written by you, and all of it should be neatly done. Really the biggest part of this project is appearance. Then comes content. YOUR POSTER SHOULD REFLECT SERIOUS EFFORT IN BOTH APPERANCE AND CONTENT! Now, what subject will you pick? Here are some suggestions…


-                     Bowen’s Reaction Series and The Minerals That Form From It

-                     Felsic vs. Mafic Rocks

-                     Intrusive vs. Extrusive

-                     Igneous Intrusions

-                     Volcanoes

-                     The Life of a Stream

-                     Mountain Building or Rock Deformation

-                     Earthquake Waves, Magnitude and Epicenter

-                     Sedimentary Depositional Environments

-                     Sedimentary Rock Types and Structures










Good luck!