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Sedimentary Rocks Web Assignment



Website:       http://csmres.jmu.edu/geollab/Fichter/SedRx/


Surf over to this site and answer these questions…


  1. Who is the target audience?


  1. Who does the website?


  1. How easy is the site to use?


  1. Give me a brief summary and review of each of these pages that links from the main page above.



Home Page ( http://csmres.jmu.edu/geollab/Fichter/SedRx/ )




An Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks  




Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Sedimentary Rocks




The Trouble With Sedimentary Rocks




Sedimentary Rock Classification And Identification




Sedimentary Depositional Environments




Sedimentary Rock Evolution




Tectonics and Sedimentary Rocks