Web Assignments for Dynamic Earth


Some of the assignments for this class will require you to go on the Internet and retrieve answers. All the assignments will be posted on MrBoch.com. There are a couple of ways to complete and turn in the assignments. First, you may print them out at home or in the media center, click on the links, and fill in the answers and turn them into me in class when they are due (usually Friday). Secondly, you may complete the assignments on a word processor program (like Microsoft Word, Works, or Word Pad or Google Docs) and e-mail them to me. This assignment will be a test to see if you can turn in the assignments electronically through email.


Web Assignment #1


In your web browser, select all the text on this page either by dragging the cursor over the text to select it or by using the menu command “select all”. Copy the text and paste in into your word processor program. Type your answers to the questions and proceed to save the document. HOWEVER, before you save it, do not save it in the default setting, instead save the document as an “.rtf” file instead of “.doc” or “.docx” or whatever the default is. Name the document “YourNameDE.rtf” replacing “YourName” with your actual name. RTF stands for “rich text format” it is a universal word processor file type. So it can be opened on any computer. Many colleges insist assignments be turned in electronically in this format.

Now just attach the file to an email and send it to me with your name, “DE”, and class period in the subject line. My email address is…




Here are the questions…


1.     Name:

2.     Grade:

3.     Favorite Subject (if any):

4.     Any ideas on a career? If so, what?


5.     Name three things you think you will learn in this class.




That’s it! This assignment is due by Friday, August 31, 2012