Dynamic Earth

Web Assignment #2


Topographic Maps


Let’s start by cruising over to the USGS’s front page at… http://www.usgs.gov/


Just look at it. Ah! It’s just grand isn’t it?

  1. Below, please give me the titles of the featured topics and the day you saw this page.

Now let’s go to the geology section at http://geology.usgs.gov/

  1. Click on the “Geomagnetism” link in the "Hazards" section. What the heck is this page for?


Now let’s go to… http://egsc.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/booklets/symbols/


I know that’s a lot of typing.

  1. Click on the “Elevation” link and find out what the symbol for a depression is and draw in here…







  1. Click on “Land Surface Features” in the left column and below show me the symbol for a quarry or open pit mine.





Now let’s cruse over to… http://www.terraserver.com

  1. What is this website for?




  1. Now on the left in the location section, type in “North Royalton, Ohio” in the box to the left and hit enter. What are the latitude and longitude of the city?




  1. Look at the map and move around it a bit. What landmarks can you find?


  1. What is the exact latitude and longitude of Gibson Field (the football stadium behind the high school)?




  1. See if you can find the latitude and longitude of your house. Write it below if you can.




Search the web for these answers.

  1. What country was the first to produce a complete set of topographic maps of its land?


  1. About when did they do that?



  1. What is the scale of a 7.5-minute quadrangle map?



  1. Now Google search “topographic maps” and hit “images” (Note: You can’t do this at school, because image searches are blocked). Which of the images on the first page is your favorite? Give its address and say why you like it.














  1. What is Landsat? Tell me about it.