2nd Quarter Portfolio Project Options



The 2nd Quarter Project

You will be able to pick from the options below as your project…


Structural Engineering Challenge – You will be asked to build one of the following structures…


  1. Toothpick Bridge – Build a bridge out of toothpicks that will span a gap of at least 56 centimeters (that means it has to be at least 24 inches long) and weigh less than 65 grams. (The weight of 13 nickels.) In addition, the bridge must support a weight of 1000 grams (one kilogram, that’s 2.2 pounds) to pass. Do not use super glue or hot glue in construction (they don’t work well). See me for tips on construction.     Or…
  2. Newspaper Chair – Build a chair that will hold your weight out of ONLY newspaper and masking tape. The chair should weigh less than 2.5 pounds if you are 110 pounds or less, 3 pounds if your 111 to 130, 3.5 pounds if your 131 to 165 pounds, and 4 pounds if your 165 to 180 and 4.5 pounds if you are 180 to 200. The seat of the chair should be at least 12” above the floor, and yes, it needs a back. Build it sturdy because you’re going to give your next portfolio presentation while sitting on it. This one is always a lot of fun.


And if it doesn’t take 7 hours…


Other Portfolio Contents

You can use other things to show you are working outside of class. If you project doesn’t take 7 hours then try this…

1.       Newspaper and Magazine Articles – Articles that you have found that relate to Physical Science, should be read and a small summery of what they are about should be written. Attach the article (if possible) to the summery and put them in your portfolio.

2.      Web Sites Visited – Print out some or all of the information from a web site if it relates to Physical Science and include it.

3.      Draw a Diagram – Draw a diagram illustrating a concept that we have studied this quarter.

4.      Read a Book – Read a book about Physical Science of about one of the concepts we have studied. This grading period I am assembling a list of both fiction and non-fiction books. If you are a reader, see me later in the week for that list.

5.      Perform a Physical Science Demonstration – Many books about science (and websites) include demonstrations that you can do at home. Do some of these and maybe take a picture of the result.

6.      Take a Field Trip – You can visit any of the great museums in our area that have something to do with Physical Science. Take pictures, write a summary and include it all in your portfolio. Some cool places to visit are: The Natural History Museum, The Great Lakes Science Center, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, or if you like to drive, COSI in either Columbus or Toledo.

Much, much, more – If this isn’t enough, try thinking of some of your own ideas and see me to okay them.



Don’t forget your portfolio of work includes your notebooks, but they don’t count toward your hours.




Portfolios are due Friday, January 5th 2018!!!