Quarterly Portfolio Project

Must Know Websites

Popular Science Magazine
Popular Science magazine is a well respected publication that covers current technology, inventions, careers in science, and how-to science. Find great articles here to read and review.
The is one of the best reference websites on the Internet. Everyone should know about this website. The name says it all. Type in something (darn near anything) and they'll tell you how it works.
Bizarre Labs
This website collects old science demonstrations, experiments and projects. If you like to do "hands-on" stuff this is a great website for your portfolio.
Geo eye
Google Earth and Microsoft Live Viewer are cool, but this is where they get many of their images.
Bad Physics in Movies
A website that catalogs (and complains about) misuse of physics in movies. It's cool how they point out mistakes that movies make in some of their biggest scenes.
THE Website for the Hubble Space Telescope
This website is dedicated to the Hubble Space Telescope. Needless to say, the images on this website are beautiful.
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