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Course Description

Greetings, and welcome to E.P.S.! This class is a combination of the old Earth Science and Physical Science courses. It is a fun, fast-paced, project oriented science class that covers many different scientific disciplines. We will follow the textbook closely (but not always in chapter order). You can expect a reading assignment almost every week in the text. As I said we move pretty fast. We will cover topics in Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, and Astronomy. You will be expected to take reading notes and class notes and you must bring your class notebook every day!

Materials for Course,

For this class you will be expected to have a Three-ring binder (or three flat notebooks with pockets and three-hole clasps), a pencil (every day!), a ruler (with metric and SAE), and a scientific calculator (TI-30 is the best but if you need to get one of those fancy TI-84ís for another class you can use it in here). Some of the projects we will do in class may require you to buy odds and ends at the craft or hardware store but most everything should be able to be scavenged. You will also be asked to buy a rocket kit in the spring for about $6.00 to $20.00.

Class Rules

I wonít bore you by telling you to respect others, know when your assignments are due and so on. You know this stuff by now (or should), so here are my little bug-a-boos. - Assignments should be done only in pencil or blue or black ink. NO WEIRD COLORED GEL PENS!!!! - I accept late work as follows: 1-3 days late, Ė50%; 4+ days late, you keep it, no credit! - Please, no name-calling in my class, even silly stuff. If one of your lab group has made a mistake the last thing they need to hear is you calling them stupid. - Textbooks MUST be covered by MONDAY! - Hall passes will be given as follows I will give three passes per grading period per student maximum. You will need your agenda book hall pass. The exception is the clinic, you can always get a pass to go there. - Late to class, students will be allowed to be up to two minutes after the bell twice per semester. Thatís it, after that you will receive a detention for every late. Thatís pretty much it.


Grades will be based on weekly quizzes (STUDY FOR THEM), homework, projects, and, each grading period, a major project due at the end of the quarter. More on that later.


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