More Music

Because why not?

Rodrigo y Gabriela, wow, so much to say. If you like guitar, then you should hear them.

I’ve played this a few times before class. Strange group. A loose art collective from Minneapolis. Great groove, very Buddhist lyrics.

Some Music

One of the creepiest songs. A classic rap song from the 1990’s. Great images.

I love this version. It was done for the BBC on the anniversary of this 1980’s electronic dance song. It only uses instruments that would have been available in the 1930’s….

Welcome to Quarantine Class!

Google Classroom has been set up for all sections that Mr. Boch teaches. An invitation to join your respective class has been sent to your school email. Below are the class codes in case that did not work.
EPS 1st period – utl55vb
EPS 2nd period – s2v5ptl
Dynamic Earth (all sections) – 6cchwk3

– You are required to complete all assigned work by the Friday of the first week we return. But it can be turned in through Google classroom whenever you finish. I’d get it done and not have a pile of work when you return if I were you.

– I will post assignments for each week by Monday afternoon and check both the classroom and my school email at least twice daily during the weekdays.

EPS– Please make sure to send me your Google Slide presentation of you quarter projects so I can complete grades for this quarter.

Best of luck! Remember: social distance and wash your hands!

Coronavirus News

First the good news…

Cocktail of flu, HIV drugs appears to help fight coronavirus: Thai doctors

Now the bad…

A ‘highly pathogenic strain’ of H5N1 bird flu has been reported in China’s Hunan province

Bird Flu is not as contagious as coronavirus, but much more lethal.

BTW, you may have noticed I post links to Yahoo news a lot. It’s still one of my first stops when browsing the news. Mostly because it links to so many reputable news sources. (Although, a few not so reputable ones as well. Just not as many as other sites.)