So Important

As we think about life, the future, and everything that bothers us, remember this…

In 1990, as Voyager 1 was leaving the solar system. NASA turned it around and took one last photo of the Earth. It was at the limit of Voyager’s camera’s ability. Earth is just one blue dot in a vast sea of darkness.

Starliner Return is Delayed Again

I would be dumping my Boeing stock if you haven’t already. This is not going to be resolved without government intervention. Small scrappy Space X has been kicking Boeing’s tail in the commercial space race. Boeing probably needs to be broken up. It’s just too big, and unfortunately run by financial types not engineers. As are too many American “manufacturing” companies.

Also, keep an eye on the Chinese, we are decommissioning our orbital space station without a replacement as they expand their program. (see next post)

New Material From NASA’s Glenn Center

This is awesome news. 3D printed metals have the capacity to change so much. Just another reason why NASA’s Glenn Research center is an awesome part of NE Ohio! Ignore the talking heads at the end. Why does every local news station think I want to listen to the anchor’s opinions on each story? Please just shut up and read the news.