Weekly Assignments

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Weekly Quizzes

Each week we will have a quiz covering that weeks material. You will be expected to study for these. There are no large unit tests in this class so you will need to study each week but only one weeks worth of material.


There are many different types of homework. Perhaps questions from the textbook or an Internet assignment. Homework is always posted on the class assignment board on the first day of the week (usually Monday). Homework is almost always due on the last day of the week (usually Friday). Since there are no large tests in this class, homework counts for a large part of your grade. Missing any of the homework assignments will really affect your grade pretty badly. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

One thing I want to stress is turning in work of which you are proud. That means write legibly, put your first and last name on your paper, and put good effort into the assignment. This is how I want your paper to look

Note the placement of the Name, Class and Date!

Reading Notes

You will also have a weekly reading assignment. When you read from the text (or from an Internet source) you will be expected to take notes. Remember the mid-term exam and final for this class are open note exams so youll want those notes. In addition, the weekly notes are worth points so not doing them will hurt your grade! The easiest way to take notes from our text is the one I went over in class on the first week. Its called the PRP method.

The PRP method is pretty easy to do. First, divide your notepaper into three sections. Mark the first section with a P for pre-read, the second with a R for read and the third with a P for post-read. Then, work section by section through the text, at the beginning of each section, read the objectives, look at the pictures in the section, and write down any definitions or important material in the margins. Use the first section of your paper for this. When you come to the end of the section, go back to the beginning and begin to read (skim really) the section looking for information that might be asked on the weekly quiz. When you finish reading the section and getting all the info from the text its time for the final phase. Read the section summary and the questions at the end of the section. Did you miss anything? Are you sure you understand everything in the summary and the questions? If not write any additional information in the last section of your notepaper. That's it!

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