High School Study Skills or…






First 5 Rules to live by, they seem so simple, and are…



Never miss an assignment if at all possible. If you do, make it your business to seek out the instructor and see if it can be turned in late for some credit. Even one “zero” can really tear down a grade, use your agenda books, they really do help.



2.    Stay organized.

Have one notebook (binder or folder) for each class and put everything for that class ONLY in that notebook. That way you will only have one place to search for things.



3.    Check Progress Book daily.

Here is the link…


Progress Book



As I have said in class, make me work for my money. A teacher cannot understand what you don’t know unless you tell them. If asking questions in class intimidates you, (it does lots of people) ask in private after class. You may feel stupid when you ask a question, but in reality you seem smarter and more mature to a teacher when you do. It’s the folks who never ask that seem dumb.



5.    Be willing to study.

It seems as though we get the notion that studying is optional. But few people can really get good grades without it, and if they do, they are probably not being challenged much. You would be surprised what a little extra work will get you in terms of grades.




Now some ideas as to how to tackle things…




How to take class notes



One way of taking reading notes and how to read a textbook




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