Some Holiday Cheer

Two years ago Mattel announced “Hello Barbie” a doll that would listen to what your child said and respond. The toy connected to the Internet and used software to hold a conversation. Thing was, the microphone never shut off. Parental groups were concerned that the toy would spy on children and secretly advertise to them (which was probably true). After much public arguing, Mattel canceled the toy. But that was before smart TV’s with microphones and Amazon’s Alexa were in many people’s homes. Now comes this latest nightmare…

Your kids’ toys could be spying on your family

Lots of Physics News

Researchers orbit a muon around an atom, confirm physics is broken

Why is it not being built here!?! Hopefully someday we will invest more into fusion research.
Countries around the world are pouring billions of dollars into France’s revolutionary nuclear fusion reactor

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NASA’s Physics-Defying EM Drive Passes Peer Review

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Scientists Are Now Even More Confused By Potential “Alien Superstructure”