A Fond Farewell, And a Welcome to Summer Break

Just for fun, and because this is a beautiful clip. This flashmob event was orchestrated (pun there) as a celebration for the anniversary of the founding of a town in Spain by a local bank. Enjoy!

Oops! I forgot to mention that the piece is Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” the grande finale of his 9th symphony.

Thanks to Mr. Hartmann for this one.

Why We Need to Spend More Money on Space Exploration

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains…

I could not agree more!
It should be noted that this is a fan made film from comments Dr. Tyson made on a TV interview, it underscores the points Dr. Tyson makes. The Space Race was indeed about military might more than scientific research. But it galvanized a nation, indeed the whole world. It did more to further peace and plenty than any war ever fought. We need it all back.
It’s spring, and in both my classes we are studying Space. It is fitting to remember the legacy of our country in that area.

Freaky and Interesting Video Game

A totally cool, yet thought-provoking game. I love it!

“A Slower Speed of Light” is a rather unusual game created by the MIT Game Lab. It’s short and doesn’t even need to really install. Just download it, extract the folder and play. The basic idea is that as you gather a number of “orbs” you slow down the speed of light, eventually to your own rate of movement. As this happens, the screen reflects the distortion that would occur in first your vision, then space itself, as light slows down. Making the task increasingly challenging and very freaky looking.

A Slower Speed of Light

A screenshot from the game.

Big thanks to Alex for this one, yes, you were right.