Babylon 5 is Free to Stream!

My favorite science fiction TV show is now free to view on the internet. is a website that streams older TV shows and they have the entire run of Babylon 5 online now. This does not seem to include the half dozen TV movies, but that’s okay. The show holds up remarkably well for a 20 year-old show and is worth watching for the amazing performances by Peter Jurasik as Londo and Andreas Katsulas as G’Kar, not to mention the great writting of J. Michael Straczynski.

Babylon 5 on

Big Bertha Breaks Through

The world’s largest tunneling machine, Big Bertha, finally finished its two-mile journey under the city of Seattle. The project is to make a tunnel for a local freeway. That’s one big tunneling machine!

Getting Rid of a Big Rock

I mention this every year when we speak of mass movements in Dynamic Earth. Every year or two a photo online shows up of a giant boulder sitting on a west coast road. There is only one sure way of removing a rock this big, dynamite.

Bill Nye’s Open Letter to President Trump

As chairman of The Planetary Society, Mr. Nye has sent this open message to the President.

So the numbers are in, and NASA seems to have escaped the worst of the cuts. However, The Asteroid Redirect Mission is canceled, and predictably and sadly, Earth Science funding was cut about 13%. Several earth observation missions were also cut. The new budget also eliminates NASA’s office of education who has helped teachers all over the world, and gave NRHS two $5,000 grants some years ago. All of this, to me, seems short sighted. As the earth goes through climate change we will be missing valuable information that could save lives and money.

Scientists Turn Hydrogen Into a Metal

Nearly a century after it was theorized, Harvard scientists have succeeded in creating metallic hydrogen. In addition to helping scientists answer fundamental questions about the nature of matter, the material is theorized to have a wide range of applications, ranging from room-temperature superconductors to powerful rocket propellant.

An 80-year-old prediction may come true: Scientists turn hydrogen into a metal

R.I.P. Eugene Cernan

And another American hero leaves. The last man to set foot on the Moon. We have now lost the first and last of these men. There are now only six men left alive who have walked on another celestial object, all of them now in their 80’s. Why do these pioneers of the future feel like relics from the past? Why do we not go back to the Moon, and on to Mars? Where are the new heroes?

I sure will miss them.