The World Could Shift To Green Energy for Less Than it Subsidies Fossil Fuels

This is a game changer. A new report from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) estimates the cost of subsidizing a full transition to clean energy, and comes out with a figure that is only 10-30% of the subsidy presently given to the planet-destroying fossil fuel industries.

That’s right. It would be cheaper to go green.

Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash ‘could pay for green transition’

The report can be found here.

Why are we not doing this? Hmmm.

The Greatest Accomplishment in Human History

Happened 50 years ago Today.

Think about it. When a team of historians and scholars were recently asked “What is the greatest accomplishment in human history?” The overwhelming answer was the time when humans walked on the moon.

The last human to set foot on the moon was 47 years ago.

Why so long?

Looks like plastic bags aren’t so bad after all

Although I’ve got a couple Aldi totes that have to have hundreds of prior uses.

You’d need to use an organic cotton tote bag 20,000 times to get the same environmental impact as a plastic disposable bag. Plastic bags are an environmental nightmare, but it looks like the other options may be worse. I think grocery retailers should have to take back plastic bags and recycle them.

Your cotton tote is pretty much the worst replacement for a plastic bag

Packaging and convenience bags are a growing problem. What is the solution?

Some Music

The Berklee School of Music doing a tribute to one of my favorite composers. Perhaps it isn’t your cup of tea, but I like it a lot. These students are from all over the world.