Dynamic Earth – Virtual Earthquake Lab Make-up

If you were absent when we did the Virtual Earthquake Lab in Dynamic Earth you can make it up this week only! Here is the link…

Virtual Earthquake


NOTE: This lab requires that both Java is enabled on your browser and pop-ups are allowed for the website!

Select “Epicenter and Magnitude” a pop-up window should appear. Follow the instructions, the lab should take about 45 to 60 minutes to complete. If you are unsure how to complete and activity just click on the question mark and all will be explained. When completed take the quiz (there is no class code) and print the certificate with your results and bring it in. If you cannot complete the lab at home the computers in the media center are enabled to complete this lab.

ALSO NOTE: When entering the location of the epicenter in your journal, remember that longitude and latitude are divided into 60 minutes not decimals!

See me if you have any problems.