Blizzard Bag Assignment

Here it is, any future such assignments will be posted here.

Blizzard Bag Lesson for Dynamic Earth

Go to the following Web sites from USA Today. Look at the graphic of Seasons and of Doppler Radar and complete the questions that follow. Turn the assignment in when we return to school.

Blizzard Bag Lesson for Earth / Physical Science

Instructor Chris Boch

Go to The Physical Science section of

Pick one of the articles, read it and write a one-page review, telling me about the article, what you learned and how you felt about it (was it well written, was it boring, etc.) Turn the assignment in when we return to school.

What Happens When…

You fire a soccer ball at 50 mph out of the back of a pick-up truck doing 50 mph? I explain this each year in E.P.S. but now, thanks to Mythbusters, you can see for yourself.


To the observer on the side of the road, it appears as though the ball just drops, and it does, relative to that observer.


Okay, this makes me mad.

Quarter of Americans Convinced Sun Revolves Around Earth, Survey Finds

This year marks 45 years since we put a human on the Moon, and 54 years since the first human orbited the Earth. How is this possible? In all my years of teaching, I have NEVER met a kid who thought the Sun went around the Earth, not one. Frankly, I doubt I’ve met many adults who thought that either (and like most folks, I’ve met some really dumb people). Anyone who doesn’t understand how the Earth orbits probably can’t blame it on our educational system. Certainly not in a state like Ohio where it has been taught since long before I was born. This is ignorance by choice.

The original press release is here…

Survey: Americans struggle with science; respect scientists